A Collection of Tumblr Drabbles
A Collection of Tumblr Drabbles drabble stories

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A Collection of Tumblr Drabbles

It's humiliating and painful. Degradingly unjust for a young fae like Bo to decree Tamsin's emotions lacking.

To have the one she trusted invalidate the pulsing warmth that still infused the sinews of her broken heart.

She doesn't return to The Dal, can't imagine running into any of her rivals. Her hand tightens around the cool glass of her drink, the thought making her vision blur with frustrated tears.

How foolish of her to forget, she doesn't have any rivals, she's not even worthy to be a potential candidate.

Yet even now Tamsin knows she'll take a bullet for the succubus, would still renounce her ties with the Valkyries, never returning to her life of old or the dark morales that compass her actions.

Tamsin knew her devotion was forfeit from the moment her eyes met those both brown and blue.

She's found her One and she'll keep her self made vow, to be a vigilant sentinel to Bo. To follow and guard from afar since that was all she was allowed.

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