A Choice Made Differently
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A Choice Made Differently

Again Clarke woke from her nightmare, tangled in the sheets, cold sweats racking her body. Every night was the same. Thankfully the screams which had terrified the rest of the camp had stopped.

Instead of trying to go back to sleep Clarke climbed out of her bed and decided to take a walk. The corridors of the Ark were dimly lit by the small lights which trailed along the ceiling.

Clarke had made this walk many times over the last month when she couldn’t sleep, the guys who were on night duty were no longer surprised to see her.

After the fall of the mountain she had wanted nothing more than to run, to disappear off into the forest and forget everything that had happened,

forget what she had been forced to do through no choice of her own.

It would have been so much easier for her, but then she realised that she wasn’t really running from anything when she would be carrying that burden with her anyway.

There is no way you can run from something when every time you close your eyes you’re reminded of it.

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