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A Chiley Family

It was a normal night in Amber Beach when Riley asked his boyfriend Chase an important question, should they adopt a child? It was during romantic situation, sex.

They were in the middle of love making when Riley asked. Chase stopped thrusting into his boyfriend, pulled out, and sat next to Riley to confirm what he had said.

Chase heard correctly, Riley had asked to adopted a child. The two boyfriends had a long and hard talk about whether or not to adopting a child.

Chase argued with that they are too young, incapable, and unskilled in the area of children.

Riley persuaded Chase by saying starting while they were young will help improve their knowledge for the future, and a child with their last names will be adorable.

So it was settled, the would do the adoption the next day.

The following morning, Chase and Riley went to the adoption center to look for the child of their dreams.

After a hour of viewing children, Riley saw a little boy sitting in the corner all by himself. Riley went over to talk to him, but the child tensed up and got scared.

The worker at the adoption agency told Riley that the boy is named Dillon, was three years old, and was an abused child put in the system a month ago.

Riley felt extremely sad for Dillon and went to Chase and discussed adopting Dillon. A while later, the two boys were the new fathers to Dillon Randall-Griffin.

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