a cherry tree
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A villages love for a cherry tree. Need feedback ASAP! Like in a few hours, not even sure if this sounds like a poem.

a cherry tree

There once was a cherry tree that settled on the top of the highest hill in the whole town. As time took action, the cherry tree became deeply loved by all of the village, from the youngest of siblings to the oldest of elders. If the summers grew sweltering, the cherry tree accepted the townspeople when they asked to quench their thirst with the ripe red fruit dangling from its fingers. When the air turned brisk, and tips of noses were rosier, the cherry tree vibrant green suit transformed into a beautiful gown of red and gold. In the winters, children attempted to warm the cherry tree’s core with their songs of joy and their hugs that felt like a blanket of warmth. (Not finished - need feedback graded assignment.)

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