A Change Of Tactics
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A fiction by jldavenport adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Change Of Tactics

It had all seemed so simple. The simplest thing in the world.

He loved a beautiful girl and was loved by her in return. What could possibly have been easier?

How had it all changed so quickly?

Humming nervously to himself, for want of attempting any distraction he could get, Robin stared at the ring held in his fingers once more.

This was happening. He really was going to do this.

He’d arrived early, far too early.

It was a simple plan, a hope that the wait would settle his nerves,

but even after waiting almost an hour in the tent of the woman he loved; still he could hardly hear himself think over the hammering of his heart in his chest.

Had he ever been this nervous before?

He couldn’t tell, it was difficult to even think right now… all his thoughts came back to the fact he was here, that he was only minutes away from finally proposing.

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