A Chance To Meet Again
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A Chance To Meet Again

It’s been thirty years since the Demon Tournament as everyone was living their lives in peace.

Yusuke married Keiko as they are happily married; Keiko gave birth when she was twenty four as their first child was a boy they named after Raizen. Raizen Jr.

is now twenty four in college, Yusuke’s son almost looks like him and with his father’s powers.

Many people thought that father and son were twins because Yusuke’s demon side had slowed own his aging as he looks to be in his early thirties.

Yusuke’s mazoku markings are permanently showing as they no longer fade away making Yusuke look more imitating than most.

Yusuke was able to bring his family to Demon World to see his father’s grave and to visit everyone else. Raizen Jr.

is like his father in every way but with his mother’s smarts which landed him into a very good college.

Both Keiko are now expecting another baby which Keiko is excited for as she was having a baby girl.

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