A Chain of Flowers
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A Chain of Flowers

Chapter One: Imprisoned

The moment consciousness drifted in and made her aware of her surroundings, Amarantha Lavellen knew she was in great danger.

Her every sense took in her surroundings as she blinked her grey-blue eyes. It was dark, that much was certain.

A few torches lined the walls around her, but even with her training, it was still difficult to see around her. The air was dank and stale too, and the smell that lingered around her was foul.

The chill that ran under her coat left her body tense, and her position left muscles tight and sore.

It was easy to determine that she was in some sort of dungeon, but the more pressing question was

Another brief survey, this one internal, revealed to the hunter that she was bound in chains, and that the cuffs were tight enough to restrict blood flow.

It ached, as did her head, and she was uncertain if the slight wet that ran down the back of her head was blood or water from the dripping from the rafters that loomed above her.

From the ache that throbbed in that very spot, she assumed it was the former. She shifted slightly, not much as to alarm anyone who might be watching, and tried to make herself comfortable.

She flexed her shoulders back, frowning as she realized her weapons were no longer strapped to her.

That left her with little defense should she be able to make an escape,

but she knew that such a feat was not possible while she had no idea where she was or how many people might be waiting to stop her.

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