A Certain Scientific Yuri
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A Certain Scientific Yuri

It was almost time for bed. Misaka had just finished putting on her Gekoda pajamas and was finishing brushing her teeth in the bathroom in front of the mirror.

Kuroko sat on her bed thinking, still wearing her school uniform.

“I have to be bold and come on strong otherwise I’ll lose to that guy, To-whatever his name is!”

“What was that, Kuroko?” Misaka said from the bathroom.

“Ah, nothing, nothing, Onee-sama. Just waiting so I can go to bed the same time as you.”

“Geez, Kuroko, you’re such a creep.” She went back to brushing.

Misaka rinsed her mouth out, ready to finally go to bed. Kuroko’s heart was racing. She took a deep breath. “Hey, Onee-sama?”

“Yeah, what is it, Kuroko?” Misaka said as she was getting in her bed.

“I was just thinking. Are there any boys you like right now?” Misaka’s face turned bright red.

“O-o-o-of course not! Wh-wh-where did that come from all of the sudden?”

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