A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings
A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings barney stinson stories

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A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings

Just a little background on what this story will be so everyone knows what they’re getting going in: This is a takeoff on the themes of fate and destiny that are so wrapped up in the concept

of HIMYM (and just to state this upfront, as is the case with all my HIMYM writing I do not recognize that AU finale episode and only accept the show from 1.01–9.22).

In particular it espouses to the butterfly effect represented best in the Season 4 episode “Right Place Right Time” and the idea that a small change at a specific point in time can result in

a rippling effect that alters the course of things down the line.

For example,

in “Right Place Right Time” Future Ted talks about how if Robin hadn’t gotten food poisoning and if he hadn’t stopped to look at the magazine of Barney’s 200th and so forth then he wouldn’t

have ended up on that particular corner at just the right time to be stopped by the light and run into Stella, thus getting him the position at Columbia.

But my fic also adheres to the idea that certain things have a higher fate too, meaning in this example that if Ted is absolutely meant to be a professor at Columbia then it will happen someway,

somehow, even if he hadn’t met Stella at that corner.

Even if it happens in a completely different way, if something is absolutely meant to be then it will eventually come to be no matter what course you take to get there.

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