A Brother to Basilisks
A Brother to Basilisks ron weasley stories

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A fiction by lomonaaeren adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Brother to Basilisks

Harry turned over in his bed and once again kicked his covers off sullenly. It was too hot, he thought. He was too tired. He wanted to sleep, and he couldn’t.

His brain was charging along like the Hogwarts Express.

Why did Lupin not let him fight the boggart?

No matter how much Harry tried to think of other things, it kept coming back to that. Lupin thought he was weak because Harry had fainted on the train.

Or he had listened to that git Snape and what he was always saying about Harry even though he hadn’t listened to what Snape said about Neville.

Or he just thought Harry might be disastrous at it because he’d listened to stories Professor McGonagall told him.

But something hard struck Harry’s ears before he could start another round of questioning himself and trying to remember every part of Lupin’s expression for an answer. He heard someone

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