A Broken Wing
A Broken Wing tinker bell stories

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A short story by moonrose91 adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Broken Wing

The cold felt like it was rushing

Tinker Bell as she raced to the Winter Woods, her wings struggling the longer she was in the air.

She pushed onward however, glancing over her shoulder on occasion, not only to see if the glow was starting, but to also check on her wings.

Now, unlike the first time she had crossed the border, she could

the freeze touching her wings. She picked up speed, just as the glow started and she focused forward.

“Periwinkle!” she shouted, before she glanced over her shoulder and forward again.

Her wings were starting to lose feeling to them, except in the center, which ached more than they had ever ached before.

She heard Periwinkle shouting her name in response and before she could really respond, a sharp pain cut through her left wing before it all went numb.

She found herself crashing to the ground, the snow billowing up around her as the periwinkle flower and her coat flew from her arms.

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