A Brightening Smile
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A Brightening Smile

Momoshiro pulled a face. “The monkey king has arrived.”

“And all the rest of them.” Unlike his kouhai, Inui relished the prospect of seeing Hyotei’s players again. He tapped his pen against a notebook and opened it at the first empty page.

“No fighting,” Matsumoto warned.

Their captain had joined Seigaku High School only a year before. Tall, prim Matsumoto made even Tezuka seem cheerful to the rest of them. Something Tezuka wasn’t sure he was grateful for or not.

“Eh? Where’s their French guy?” Kikumaru let out, clutching Oishi’s arm. “He must be taller than Ohtori even, most Europeans are.”

“I’m quite sure that’s…” Oishi started

But Shitenhouji passing by distracted the redhead. “What’s Hitouji wearing?!”

Tezuka suppressed a sigh. He liked these tennis camps for the competition and general improvement everyone made, but they could be very tiring too.

Part of him was glad Echizen was too young still to be in high school, so he wouldn’t have to watch out for his antics as well.

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