A Bone to Throw
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A Bone to Throw

"Welcome aboard. I hope you last longer than my previous assistant." Doctor Swineheart claps you on the back and you try not to wince.

For surgeon's hands, they sure don't err on the side of delicacy.

You gather your smaller bag of medical supplies next to Doctor Swineheart's bigger, more worn one and give him an affirmative, though your drumming fingers betray your nerves just a little.

"I suppose if you're to be working astride myself keeping the Fabletown residents healthy as horses, in some cases literally, you should meet those who work at the Business Office.

Some of whom," he rolls his eyes. "find themselves requiring my assistance much more than others."

Your finger-drumming continues. Back in the Homelands, only a few knew you as "Doctor." Where you lived was small, secluded, but that didn't stop tales of the Big Bad Wolf from reaching you.

Nor did it stop the Adversary, once he became the threat. You sigh and still your fingers.

Many terrible things happened in the Homelands, and though the Big Bad Wolf was a long-time contender for top-terror, you quickly learned there were horrors present far more evil than he.

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