A Birthday Tradition
A Birthday Tradition kyle peek/neal tiemann stories

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A Birthday Tradition

For the first time Andy is going to be stuck on the bus for his birthday. He understands and it’s not like he’s complaining.

He’s doing what he loves sharing lead with Dave and touring in support of The Anthemic’s second album. It’s just that he and Neal have this tradition.

It has never mattered what was going on in their lives or who they were with, they always come back to this thing they can’t quite escape.

No one, not even Dave, knows they tried it for real once, 6 whole months.

Andy has always figured that there might be an end someday. He understands that this year things are different and not just because they’re going to be stuck on the bus.

Dave is the only person who knows about the tradition but Andy has slept with him.

The thing with Dave is completely casual, but, what with the way they’re all living in each other’s pockets, Andy’s not sure what’s appropriate.

Neal’s thing with Kyle is probably a bigger issue in a way that even Alexis never was.

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