A Better Son
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A Better Son

Frank was average.

His looks, occupation, home and family, all pretty much the American average for a twenty five year old living in New Jersey.

He was about average height, five foot seven, and average build and weight.

He had short, dark brown hair and light hazel eyes, and normal Caucasian skin with a few tattoos with their own personal meanings in the normal tattoo locations (aside from maybe his neck).

He worked week days and Sundays, from ten til three thirty at a local chain supermarket, and worked for a decent pay that meant he could easily get his groceries with an added employee discount,

keep up with the rent of his fairly average apartment, rent the rehearsal space for his band practice every Wednesday evening and go out for drinks on a Friday,

with a little to save at the end up each month.

He lived alone, as did each of his parents (seeing as divorce was the new average in a lot of families) and they all got on with their lives, taking on the phone,

sending greetings cards when expected and Frank visited each of his parents at least once every two months, give or take a week or so.

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