A Better Man
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A fanfic by drneverland posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Better Man

Sephiroth curled his legs up and propped his arms on his knees, bouncing slightly in the bed of Barrett’s truck while they drove to Corel.

He stared at the blank screen of his phone, catching his sour reflection in its surface.

“Oh, for Goddess’ sake, Sephiroth, it’s been two days since you left. Can’t you possibly go

without moping?” Genesis asked. He leaned across his half of the truck bed and folded his arms. “I thought you were much better at the whole ‘stoic warrior who doesn’t need anyone’ shtick.”

Huffing, Sephiroth tucked his phone back into the inner pocket of his signature coat. “I am not

. I miss them.” He bent his legs up further when Genesis tried to kick at him. “Besides, I used to miss you and Angeal when we were apart. It was encouraged that I didn’t show it.”

Genesis sneered and looked away. “It would have been nice to know that you missed us. Perhaps it would have made me feel less insignificant in your shadow.”

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