A Beginning to a New Eternity
A Beginning to a New Eternity original female character(s) stories

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A Beginning to a New Eternity

The days that followed the defeat of Sauron were filled with merrymaking and festivities in every corner of middle earth.

The darkness had finally been vanquished, and the last manifestation of Melkor's evil ways was finally defeated.

It was a time of rejoicing, a time of writing and telling tales that would be told from generation to generation for thousands of years to come.

Peace had finally come and many tears of happiness were shed.

The death of Sauron awakened you from a comatose state of hiding.

You were born in the First Age, the only child of Manwë and Elbereth (Varda). They loved you dearly, and you were the splitting image of Elbereth.

Eru Illuvatar took the chance to create your perfect husband, who he named Faërendil.

Like the Dwarves, he did not want you and Faërendil to be the first to inhabit Arda, so he sent you all into a deep sleep until he finished his First Children and sent them forth.

Soon after, you and Faërendil woke up and decided to settle in Lothórien, the forest of silver bark and golden leaves.

However, right before Melkor took the Similarils, to spite Elbereth and Manwe he killed Faërendil to break you. He knew how much they valued you.

Seeing you broken was more painful than you being killed for them. After his death, you came upon the brink of insanity and fled into the Grey Mountains.

You were in a deep state of mourning and hid yourself in the deepest part of the deep parts of those mountains. You were never the same after Faërendil died.

Elbereth and Manwe lost sight of you and thought that you were lost forever and went into mourning. The stars of Arda did not shine for a century as Elbereth and Manwe were distraught.

You and Faërendil had previously been known as the Lovers of Lothlórien, and Galadriel and Celeborn knew you were there before them. Many books were written about you in the First Age.

However, after that you suddenly disappeared from the records and faded into myth and mystery.

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