A band with a baby
A band with a baby christian linke stories

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A band with a baby

Linke pulled over in the drivers lane of your workplace. "Have a nice day at work honey." He kissed your cheek and gave you a sweet and genuin smile. "And you have a nice day watching Noah.

" You smiled. You leaned between the front chairs, peering at the sleeping newborn in the backseat. Linke chuckled and looked over to the slumbering baby as well.

"Noah is as safe with me as he will ever be. I am his father. Don't you trust me?" Linke cooed as sweetly as he could.

You should your head, pecked his lips and get out of his stylish red Mini Cooper.

He watched how you walked into the building and then looked back at Noah. "We are going to introduce you to your uncles Noah." He cooed before taking off.

His car made not a sound so that Noah remained vast asleep.

The tiny blond babe awoke when his father lifted him out of his wee little car seat and putted him the babycarryer. "Here is to good luck.

" Linke kissed the baby on the forhead and went inside the studio. David was waiting just behind the door. David was Noahs godfather and was fond of the little boy. "Noah! We have been waiting.

" David cooed, plucking the baby from it's carryer before Linke could say a thing. He chuckled and watched how the guitarist made off with his son.

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