A bad start to a wonderful end
A bad start to a wonderful end human au to be more specific stories

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A bad start to a wonderful end

Hakutaku was merrily walking down the street on his way to the metro when the sun suddenly disappeared.

He looked up towards the sky, that last time he checked was a beautiful baby blue, and saw a huge dark grey cloud that not only promised rain, but a storm.


he could make it safely to the metro if he hurried, but it was cold, and the safety and warmth that practically oozed from the nearby café was too inviting to refuse.

A little bell sounded when Hakutaku entered, and it felt as if he had entered another world as the heat of the cozy café coated him like a blanket.

At this point Hakutaku had made his decision not to go outside until the weather cleared up.

However, that proved to be problematic since, apparently, a lot of other people had gotten the same idea as Hakutaku and as such there was no free table.

Hakutaku stood by the entrance as he scanned the room for any seats available.

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