A Bad Influence on You
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A Bad Influence on You

Clarke and Raven were laying on the roof, under the stars. The first GP party of the year had the house thumping underneath them.

"Bro…You so whipped, bro! Make it more obvious... I'm gonna usurp the throne, the mighty Wanheda will fall to her GP VP. Bro..."

"Bro, you try and take my throne I will burn your jacket...

Raven gasped, stealing the blunt out of Clarke’s hand. "Don't you dare burn my jacket bro, the jacket is sacred!"

"Don't try and overthrow me, bro."

"Then stop being so whipped to your little Heda over there, bro!"

Clarke turned back towards her, pointing at her. "Hey! That's my nickname for her bro, not yours. At least I claim what's mine, bro instead of letting her roam free.

Where is Anya, bro? Off with some other frat?"

"Bro, it's not my fault! You wouldn't let Anya pledge for GP!"

"Maybe next semester, bro. She didn't seem into it. Look bro, I'll make a deal. You let me keep my throne and I'll let her rush. Sound fair, bro?"

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