9 Minutes of Eavesdropping
9 Minutes of Eavesdropping "fukumen racer" mifune kenichi  stories

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9 Minutes of Eavesdropping

The day had been long, the race had been longer, and the after party had been even longer still.

Most of the other racers had long since absconded to the locker-rooms at the first change they had gotten to escape from the suffocating clutches of the celebratory gathering.

Those racers who had voluntarily stayed, and the few who had been roped into staying,

for the party had since left as well; either alone in disappointment or on the arm of one of the ample beautiful young ladies looking for a ride with a racecar driver.

More so the latter than the former for those who had placed in the race or had some exciting stories to tell the enamored beauties.

He couldn’t

condone their behavior, when in the past he had been one of those racecar drivers who had taken a stray or two back to a hotel for some late night fun.

However, the racing world had changed and he had been forced to change with it or risk being left behind; which wasn’t a risk he was willing to take.

So, instead of going home with one of the lovely ladies decked out in their finest or one of the racing bunnies hardly dressed at all, he had chosen to lurk in the background.

Conversing with the less savory side of the racing world, the

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