73. Countdown to Destruction
73. Countdown to Destruction stephen amell/antony starr stories

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73. Countdown to Destruction

Stephen's pulling on some light jersey track pants and a tee having just taken a lovely, long, hot shower. Antony had been in first and had promised a glass of scotch once Stephen was done.

Just the one.

"Hey, I'm finished," he calls out as he drops damp towels in the hamper and flips the lights off as he heads back to the living room.

"And I'm here," Antony calls back from where he's stretched out on the couch. "Come lie down with me.

" It's actually been a pretty tiring day, what with setting up the gym for their scene tomorrow.

"Hmmm," Stephen hums out his appreciation at the offer.

He settles himself down along Antony's length, pressed close, his hand sliding over his lover's furred chest to pick up and fondle the dog tags - an habitual move,

though this time it makes him smile. "S'good to be back in our own space huh?"

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