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72 Hours

: 12/1/1988. Stately Dormyer Manor, Lakewood Village, TX. Evening.

(In the Guest Apartment above the garage, Bob 'Starforce' Hawkins is rigging his VCR to record something as Merlyn meows at him)

: "I already gave you treats, you mooch! Stop bothering me..."

(Merlyn flips his tail and meows again before he curls up on the couch)

(to Merlyn, walking back to his sofa): "I don't see YOU doing research on Doctor Destroyer, cat."

(He sits down and starts his VCR recording. Merlyn rolls over onto his side, purrs, and starts kneading Bob's leg)

(to Merlyn, scratching the nape of his neck): "Hedonist."

(there is a knock at the door to the Guest Apartment)

: "It's unlocked."

(Julie 'Ladyhawk' Dormyer enters)

: "I wasn't aware I needed supervision to watch a once-in-a-lifetime interview with Doctor Destroyer."

: "It's my house." (beat) "Also, you ARE the only member of TASK FORCE who has studied him on a regular basis."

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