71. An Illicit Fuck
71. An Illicit Fuck stephen amell/antony starr stories

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71. An Illicit Fuck

"See?" Antony whispers, Stephen's door closed behind them. "I told you I'd behave and your mom loves me.

" It's rare that he drinks to excess, even more so when it's not in the safety of his own home, but tonight, with security on them and the wine flowing in celebration,

he's had more than a few glasses and it's starting to show.

Stephen's already pulling his clothes off, tossing them haphazardly on the floor, something he'd never do at home. He grins over at his lover in the semi dark.

It's true, Antony had indeed behaved, he was the epitome of a gentleman, both toward Stephen and his Mom, who had been utterly charmed by it.

"Yes she does," Stephen agrees, he's got a light buzz on from all they've drunk and he's gotten very handsy in the last hour.

"I can put on a good show," Antony says, laughing softly, working at the buttons on his shirt. Fuck.

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