7 Deadly Sins
7 Deadly Sins cousin incest stories

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7 Deadly Sins

He knew it wasn’t becoming of him to make such sounds in the back of his throat. The rumbling sounds that would sound almost like a wanton whore.

But he couldn’t help that his new lover, his only one, had a mouth that was hot, almost hotter than his body. Swallowing thickly, he watched the blond head bob in rhythm as his cock was sucked.

A ticking of irritation grew, not at his lover. But for the jackass that treated Tadkuni like a toy, a possession that could be used whenever he wanted.

Training the blond, teaching him how to get the perfect head. He didn’t want to know how that worthless jaguar knew the perfect way for a blowjob, nor did he care.

He only cared about Tadakuni He wouldn’t tell the wolf. No, not with the warning Tadakuni’s mother gave him. He would do anything to prevent harming the one he loved.

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