69. More Wedding Plans
69. More Wedding Plans stephen amell/antony starr stories

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69. More Wedding Plans

"Okay, so my mum's arranged for their minister to perform the ceremony if that works for you, and we have to fill out this form," Antony says, placing the sheet of paper in front of Stephen,

"which says we intend to get married, where and who by, send that in with the payment and then when we arrive in New Zealand,

we have to go before the registrar to sign the stat dec saying there's no impediment to our marrying."

"Okay," Stephen nods, distracted as he scans the document. "Seems straightforward enough.

" In the couple of days since Antony came home they've thrown themselves into the deep end with the wedding plans. They've had to, it's just a few weeks away. "Rings, we need wedding rings."

"I was going to ask you about that," Antony says, sitting back.

"Will you be able to wear yours and what do you want me to do with this one?" Holding up his ring finger which already has the ring Stephen gave him when they made their contract permanent.

"I can switch it back to my right hand."

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