67' Rocket Impala
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67' Rocket Impala

While trying to start their show and get the car they needed to test their first myth, Jamie and Adam went up to many different sources to try to get a 1967 Chevy Impala to attach a rocket to.

At one point in desperation, Jamie and Adam decided to try asking some random people on the road if they would mind donating their car in the name of science.

While stopping at a dinner in between looking in used car lots, Jamie and Adam spotted the illusive impala in perfect condition and obvious driving order.

Being their usual hopeful selves, while waiting for their food to come out, Jamie and Adam decided to go asking around the dinner to find the owners of the car.

As they started giving up hope on finding the owner of the car, Dean came out of the bathroom and started hearing people going around asking about his car.

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