67 Days
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67 Days

Happy lights.

Funny name, Eren always thought. They were supposed to imitate the sun and ward off the unrelenting darkness, but they didn't make him feel any better. He definitely wasn't happy.

It was all false advertisement – though it wasn't like they wanted people unhappy. The suicide rates for this month of darkness were through the roof.

The lights shone brightly, the stark contrast from outside blinding Eren as he entered his home.

He paused briefly, blinking away the spots in his vision, shutting the door against the cold as he waited.

His vision cleared quickly enough and he set his groceries down before setting his coat on the coat rack.

It was followed by his hat and gloves, then the two lighter jackets he'd worn under his coat. His cold, wet boots were left by the door, leaving him in warm, fluffy socks.

He had to take three trips to get all the bags to the kitchen, carrying five or six on each arm to avoid having to go back again.

Eren quietly started putting things away, the rustling of bags and the opening and closing of the fridge or cabinets the only noises in the otherwise silent house. That was how it always was.

Silence was the only noise, and it was deafening sometimes, roaring in Eren's ears loud enough that he couldn't even hear his own screams.

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