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A fan work by wastethemuke adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

5sos x boys

Luke pushes you down on his bed, mouth on your neck, making you whimper in pleasure.

Spreading your legs and holding down your thighs, as he start unbuttoning your pants, sliding them off your legs. He bites at his lip when he sees your panties.

"Wearing your favorite pair are you, princess?" You nod and moan, as he lays a soft kiss on the head of your cock, licking it with his tongue through your panties.

"You've been so good today, angel"

You shiver beneath his touch, as he slides one hand up to your torso, fiddling with your hardening nipple. "So good for da-daddy" you groan in response.

The blonde smirks, and takes off your panties in one swift motion, squeezing your thighs lightly, making you whimper.

"Are you gonna lay still for daddy, love?" You look down at him with hooded eyes, and nods eagerly.

He chuckles, and starts to kiss down the shaft of your length, gently caressing the head with his tongue, making your breathing heavier.

He licks from the bottom of your shaft, all the way to the leaking head, that's begging for his touch.

Your breath hitches as he starts taking your cock in his mouth , covering it in hot saliva, making you moan and grab at the sheets.

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