525,600 Minutes, 525,000 Moments So Dear
525,600 Minutes, 525,000 Moments So Dear fanfiction stories

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525,600 Minutes, 525,000 Moments So Dear

"This is Georgo, Grisia." Neo clapped a hand down onto Grisia's shoulder as carefully as though his student was made of glass.

(He'd learned his lesson the last time he'd forgotten to adjust his strength, when he'd snapped the poor kid's collarbone and gotten an earful from Chasel.

) "He's going to be the Earth Knight someday. Why don't you say hello?"

Grisia peered around Neo's leg to examine his fellow student; Georgo was much taller than he was, but he had soft eyes and a polite smile.

Deeming him harmless, Grisia broke into a delighted grin and stepped out to shake hands.

"Good morning, dear brother! The kind God of Light has blessed us today.

May the God of Light shine his benevolence down upon you like shimmering starlight, and may every dove of peace you see bring you gifts of heavenly joy. How are- uh, how art thou?"

"I, um." Georgo looked back at his teacher, who shrugged helplessly. "Uh, g-good morning to you, too, Grisia! I-it's a b-beautiful day out, huh?"

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