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You know it's true love if you are willing to do crazy things for that person and if you are able to tell fifty or more things you love about this person-otherwise, it's not love. From physical to more espiritual things I love about this person.

50 Things I love about you

1.-I love your beautiful dark green eyes with brown tones

2.-I love your hair, particularly when you brush it

3.-I love your nose

4.-I love your cheeks, especially when I kiss them

5.-I love your shaved beard

6.-I love your little ears

7.- I LOVE your delicate and irresistible lips that I would die to kiss them

8.-I love your white skin

9.-I love your forehead, where I should kiss you

10.- I love that precious smile that made me fall in love with you

11.-I love your height-smaller or taller I will still love you unmeasurably

12.-I love your weight-with more or less weight, I will still love you endlessly.

13.-Your delicate hands with your well cut nails. I would die just to grab your hand and never drop it.

14.-I love your back. I would love to hug you again and never leave you if I could, or even give you a massage.

15.-I love your hips. I would be like a koala if I could.

16.- I love how you laugh like a lovely beautiful child.

17.-I love the way you walk. It's cool

18.-I love you're still breathing; otherwise, you will freeze my heart forever.

19.-I love how you get mad sometimes.

20.-I love when you say insults, it's just funny

21.-I love how sometimes I have made you laugh or smile

22.-I LOVE when you say to me beautiful things, like "beautiful people", "darling" or "little things"

23.-I love how you inspire me to write beautiful things and do other beautiful stuff

24.-I love your silences, although I would die just to know more about you

25.-I love how you don't judge me like others. I love how you didn't get desperate with me at any time just for being sensitive, unlike some members of my family.

26.-I love how I consider you my family more than some members of my family

27.-I love the confidence I feel when I am with you, although when you deeply look at my eyes I feel weak because you're so gorgeous...

28.-I love how T.S. songs remind me of you; Enchanted, Gorgeous, Getaway Car, Mine, Love Story, King of my Heart, Call It What You Want, Teardrops on my Guitar...

29.-I love how you love Queen. I love your passion for them

30.-I also love your sense of humor

31.-I love that you also like the Beatles ;))

32.-I love how you love Star Wars

33.-I love how you make English more beautiful than it is

34.-I love the place where you were born, because some relatives were born in there. Plus, if with 24 years old, I haven't seen you yet, I would go on my own with my car on summers just to see you, although I have to visit the whole place.

35.-I love the way you dress, so classic

36.-Love how we share the same ideas about politics

37.-Love how we share the same religion, even the same necklace

38.-Love how you are loyal to her. You're not like the rest.

39.-I love your mother and others who raised you just to be a perfect man.

40.-I love your age. It's perfect.

41.-Love how you make me feel crazy, but in a good way

42.-Love how much I do miss you, because that means how special you are and how important you have been to my life

43.-Love how I don't want anyone else, but you

44.-Love how you make me a better person

45.-Love how you teach me about true love

46.-Oh, I forgot to say I love your smell

47.-Love how big your heart is. I wish more people could see it.

48.-Love how you interrupt sometimes.

49.-Love the way you dance

50.-Love your memory. How sometimes you remember little things, but forget others. Adorable.

I think there are also a few things more, but that's what makes you beautiful for these blue eyes.

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