5 Years, 9 Months and 3 Days of Ignorant Bliss
5 Years, 9 Months and 3 Days of Ignorant Bliss mention of domestic abuse stories

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5 Years, 9 Months and 3 Days of Ignorant Bliss

Half asleep on his feet, Mac pushed the door to his flat open and headed immediately for the couch, where he collapsed with a sigh, eyes fluttering closed.

He'd been working more shifts lately, and if there was a legal limit to how many hours he could work in a row, he was sure he had breached it several times.

On top of that there was a new surgeon who started today, a peculiar woman who had come in looking and smelling like she had spent the night in a minicab, and had stirred up all the staff.

Times were hard at the moment, and Holly wasn't helping from wherever the hell she was now. He probably could have insisted on child support, but he was managing without. Just.

He heard a shuffling as someone entered the room, and Mac grudgingly opened one eye to see the neighbour's teenage boy holding what appeared to be a large bundle of blankets.

Opening both eyes, Mac smiled and reached out for the heavy blankets, which he held close, feeling the warmth of the body wrapped inside them against his chest.

With one hand, Mac fished his wallet out of the front pocket of his backpack and pulled a wrinkled £50 note from it, handing it to the kid.

Without a word, the boy took it and shuffled out the still open front door, closing it behind him. Carefully, Mac shifted the blankets aside until the little girl's serene face was uncovered.

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