30 Days of You and Me
30 Days of You and Me psy-changeling stories

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A fiction by toinfinityandbeyond (800wordsofheaven) posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

30 Days of You and Me

From the first day that he met her, Felix knew that Rina Monahan was

. He’d heard that it happened like that for some; the moment they laid eyes on their mate, they just

It seemed that Felix, SnowDancer’s resident horticulturalist, was among those ranks.

She was running patrols in SnowDancer territory today, as it was deemed a more efficient use of their resources if the DarkRiver and Snowdancer soldiers were mixed like this.

Felix happened to be working in the same area, checking up on the progress of the regeneration of this section of the forest.

A lightning storm from last month had caused a small forest fire in the region. Felix knew that it was all part of the natural order of things, but he had care over these plants, these trees.

They were home.

“Should you be out here alone?” Felix barely contained his reflexive jump.

He’d been so absorbed in his task, kneeling amongst the roots of a huge tree that had survived the blaze that he hadn’t heard her make her way up to him,

hadn’t scented her on the lazy currents of air that danced around under the canopy of the summer day.

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