30 Days and 30 Nights
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30 Days and 30 Nights

Stef and Lena had been bouncing from crisis to crisis for so long that they barely knew what to do with themselves following Callie’s adoption.

Slowly but surely though they found a new, lighter rhythm.

They spent a few more sessions in therapy in order to make sure they’d shared all that needed to be shared and took their therapist up on her final assignment – 30 straight days of sex.

“You really think we have the time?” Lena asked Stef skeptically on the ride home.

“If you don’t want to…” Stef offered.

“That’s not what I’m saying,” Lena shot back.

Of course it wasn’t. Not that it didn’t sound fairly…daunting. They had sex. Of course they did. They’d even had it recently.

But it tended to be more of the couple of times a week variety…when they were hitting on all cylinders. Lena couldn’t quite remember the last time they’d gone seven for seven.

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