30 Day Mavin Challenge
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30 Day Mavin Challenge

When Michael Jones was a kid, he thought it was a myth that you could feel it when you were being watched.

Years of learning to trust his instincts might have started to contradict that,

except that the more he learned about surveillance tech the more he realized that was a paranoid rabbit hole he did not want to jump down. Even, no, fucking especially in his line of work.

You act natural as much and as long as you can,

you don’t act like you give a fuck about anyone and assume no one gives a fuck about you and in anywhere big enough to have more than one interstate exit that will usually do the trick.

He’d been in Los Santos almost two months, was working his fourth big contract job, when the feeling started. Low between his shoulders and right through to his gut.

A bone-deep instinct that he was being watched. It wasn’t constant, in fact it was insufferably inconsistent. That made it all the more realistic.

It went on for weeks, and Michael wasn’t sure what was going on.

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