30. Antony visits Ian a few days later
30. Antony visits Ian a few days later banshee rpf stories

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30. Antony visits Ian a few days later

Their night hadn’t been overly disturbed, all things considered. Ian had had to wake Joe at one point so he could visit the bathroom but other than that, he’d not fidgeted or fussed too much.

Even so, Ian wakes up in a distinctly low frame of mind. Even the promise of a wash and a shave fails to lift his mood.

He has a quiet word with the nurse while Joe is in the shower, and Chad assures him the way he’s feeling is perfectly natural considering what he’d been through.

It’s small comfort, however, when Ian finds himself weeping like a baby every half hour.

Once the morning tasks of washing, food, and meds have been taken care of, Ian sends Joe out of the bedroom, expressing in no uncertain terms he wants some quiet time,

that he’ll be fine watching a movie and dozing while Joe goes back to work. He lays in bed, staring at the TV, taking in nothing of what’s playing across the screen.

His focus is inward as he tries to unravel his feelings.

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