3 conversations with the demon barber
3 conversations with the demon barber nellie lovett stories

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3 conversations with the demon barber

“Now you two have a nice chat!” Mrs. Lovett chirped, before leaving the room. She had determined that she would make Mr. Todd get to know Toby better. As expected both protested to the idea.

Toby was fearful of Todd, and Todd could give less than a rat’s ass about her. Nellie Lovett was determined, however, to make them at least tolerate each other’s existence a little better.

So, three times that week, Sweeney Todd and Toby were to converse. No one realized the impact it would have on Todd. It would save his life and many others to come.


Neither one of them was happy about this. Todd did not want to be bothered, and Toby was afraid to bother him. She would not speak unless spoken to.

Toby stared blankly out the window, until a humorless chuckle cut the air. “I find Mrs. Lovett’s efforts to bring us closer together, sickly amusing,” Todd’s voice said.

“The fact that she thinks these nightly conversations will work, is very amusing indeed.” Toby’s voice shook and stuttered as she tried to respond.

“W-W-Why? W-What have I ever done to yeh?” Todd’s voice was like venom: “She took you in.”

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