2016 Comment Fics - Part 6
2016 Comment Fics - Part 6 lucrezia noin stories

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2016 Comment Fics - Part 6

Rosa closed her eyes as she took a sip of her coffee, feeling the steam from the mug begin the process of thawing out her frozen face.

Shutting out the sounds of Jake and Amy making a lame ass attempt at flirting and Gina talking about something stupid, she focused on the caffeine laden warmth in her cup.

Hot, fresh, coffee was the best part of New York winters. That and watching Boyle fall on his ass every time there was ice.

Come to think of it she enjoyed the Polar Bear thing with The Captain too even if she'd pretty frozen her tits off doing it. Watching Amy lose her shit had been pretty funny too.

She smiled into her cup, quickly glancing around the squad room to make sure that no one had seen her.

Now that she was warm and comfortable she might be willing to concede, if she was forced to under threat of serious bodily harm, that winter wasn't so bad.

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