2016 – April
2016 – April hikaru no go stories

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2016 – April

Ethan Hunt, one of MIF’s most infamous, destructive but effective agents, sat with his mission colleagues (and friends), Benji Dunn, Jane Carter and William Brandt,

observing the conundrum of their current joint mission CIA partners, Susan Cooper and Rick Ford.

Ford was well known all over the spy network as the biggest risk taking, daredevil, boosting and aggressive charming agent to have ever lived (Ethan used to be skeptical of his description,

which always sounded more and more ridiculous, but after he met him a few years prior, he realized the reports were being kind – man was the definition of ‘bigger than life’,

if in a near cartoonish way), but he was one of the best the CIA had to offer, so of course he was chosen to get together with Ethan’s team. The woman, though, she was a grand surprise.

Now, don’t take Ethan wrong, he was self aware enough to know his usual type was leggy,

thin women who had the uncanny ability to mess with his entire world and make him fall in love with them in five minutes flat, and Susan at least didn’t look like his usual women.

She was tiny in height, and she was much fuller than he’d ever gone for.

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