2016 - September
2016 - September queenie (american horror story) stories

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2016 - September

Zoe glanced at Cordelia, then at Queenie, who shook her head a little.

“Er, Cordelia, are you sure...?” - Zoe attempted, but the Supreme just put her hand up in irritation.

“I appreciate your input, Zoe, you know I do, however, at this moment, I don't need it”

“Cordelia, she's right. I'm right” - Queenie went next - “This is not very Supreme-like”

“Excuse me?” - Cordelia's voice turned cold enough to freeze the room, but neither girl moved an inch on it.

“This is the kind of bullshit Fiona would've pulled, and you know it” - Queenie stated, and Cordelia slowly looked at her. The Supreme's eyes shot daggers at the girl, as effective as they were.

“You two are excused”

“No, we're not leaving” - Zoe said softly - “Cordelia-”

“You forget whom you are speaking to, girls. You may call me-”

“Again, Fiona” - Queenie said, and Cordelia paused.

“I don't know what you want from me” - she said after a beat.

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