2016 - June
2016 - June sheriff stilinski stories

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2016 - June

“Nope, no way”

“Excuse me?” – Derek started at Mark’s sudden vehemence.

“You are NOT going home to your wife and cute kids tonight, man, I am putting my foot down!”

“Are you? And why should I be a deadbeat dad and husband for a night?”

“Because I am having a night off from Lexie, and you are having a night off of your wife. We are men, and we need a man’s night out!”

Lexie, who was standing nearby, rolled her eyes heavenly, and Alex snorted as he turned to her to comment on a recent case.


“No, Derek. We need some time away from the homestead to just hang out, drink and do nothing”

“And talk about our womenfolk?” – Derek asked dryly.

“Shut up. So, you and me, beers and... Ribs! Beer and ribs!”

“Why not burger and fries?” – Alex said while giving Lexie a look as if saying ‘your boyfriend is ridiculous’.

“Good idea, Karev! You wanna join us?”

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