2016 - August
2016 - August game of thrones (tv) stories

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2016 - August

His father would have been so ashamed of him, but Matt could also hear his father's laughter right after condemning him for his nightly habits.

"Oh Matty" - Jack Murdock would say in between chuckles and snorts.

Matt knew it was a weird way to spend his nights, of course he knew.

Nevertheless, he could no longer stop it, not when he'd come so far over the years, plus, he'd just opened a law office with his best friend Foggy, they needed the money,

so Matt would keep doing it. That he enjoyed it was... Negligible.

He couldn't really say when it started.

After his father died, he'd been lost, alone and depressed until he met Stick, a men old man who taught Matt to use what he had after losing his sight, and learn he did.

It took numerous bruises, broken bones and nights spent feeling nothing but pain, however by the time Stick dropped him like a hot potato,

Matt knew how to use his remaining senses in order to survive in the world without his eyes or his father.

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