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Dear journal,

Tonight I could not sleep. I was thinking about dad again. I am so lonely now. My sister is here and so is mom, but it's not the same. They're not him.

In the hopes no one ever finds you, dear journal. 3rd of March, 1665

The door opened with a cracking sound that reminded everyone of how old and crushed their house was.

The small but strong figure of his lovely mom found its way through the rooms and Alec could hear the steps of someone else walking just behind her. A man.

Alec's eyes searched for his little sister with a bit of fear. His hand took her arm as he moved her to the left, putting her away from the door of the kitchen.

She wanted to make a remark of how foolish he was and in any ways she had more chances to leave with the stranger than he had, but instead she just groaned.

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