15 instances of Olivia and love
15 instances of Olivia and love peter bishop stories

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15 instances of Olivia and love

"Happy Valentine's Day!" Lincoln exclaims as he pops down on a chair next to Olivia. "Would you like to be my valentine?" He smiles and so does she.

"Aw Lincoln. I'm sorry, but I can't be your valentine. Frank gave me strict orders not to give myself away today."

Lincoln pushes his chair away with his feet and stops by Charlie's desk.

"Hey man, do you want to be my valentine then?" He bats his eyelashes. Olivia laughs.

"So I'm your back up plan? I am offended!" Charlie feigns being hurt and Olivia keeps laughing.

"Maybe you have a date with your worms? They could sure use some love."

"They are not worms," Charlie starts.

"They're are arachnids," Lincoln and Olivia fill in and smile widely.

But then the alarm goes off. Breach detected.

"Damn, back to work. You better call your man Liv. This could take a while."

Looking through Fauxlivia's files, reading all the kind words she wrote about Peter, Olivia can't help but to think about Frank. Such a kind and loving man.

Innocent and oblivious to the silent battles being fought between worlds. How could she just have forgotten about him? Olivia feels sorry for him.

He will never understand why his heart is breaking.

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