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A fan work by mothmckrakken posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Trying to carry a tall stack of paperwork down the street on a blustery day is never an easy task, let alone when you are already late, vertically challenged,

and pretty sure it’s about to start raining.

Rukia struggled to keep grip on the shifting papers piled in her arms as she practically skidded round the side of a building,

tilting dangerously but clamping them tight to her chest and only just avoiding a potentially disastrous paper-slide.

The entrance to the thirteenth division was within view now, straight up the road, and a crowd of people seemed to be her only obstacle.

Eyes gleaming with steely determination, she walked as briskly as she dared towards it; only too aware of the importance of getting everything done correctly, today of all days.

The mass of people were taking up most of the path, standing together or leaning against the buildings either side, some sitting and drinking tea or smoking as they chatted loudly,

drowning out each other’s voices.

As she carefully weaved and nudged her way through them, Rukia recognised a few from squads ten and five; they must have been on their lunch break,

inconveniently positioned right on the home stretch that should have taken her seconds to clear,

but she soon found herself swallowed amongst the bustling squad members that dwarfed her in size and failed to hear her indignant exclamations over their own noise.

Taking a deep breath in an attempt to remain calm and keep herself, and her papers, together, Rukia heard her name being called.

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