12 Angry Men
12 Angry Men maxwell smart stories

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12 Angry Men

Twelve angry men were about to withdraw into a room to decide whether they believed an accused man guilty of murder or not.

Why were they angry, you might wonder? For various different reasons, and most of them not at all that related to the actual case they had to sit in as a jury for.

First in the row to leave the courtroom, juror number 1, Doctor John Watson, was angry at life in general and his cane in particular.

Yes, former Captain of the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers was not in a good mood and could definitely break your nose if given an excuse –cane or no cane!

Juror number 2, Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective (consulting horror according to Sgt.

Donovan), had spent most of the time in his mind palace in revenge on his brother for not pulling strings in the government and getting him out of this tedious affair (it was barely a two).

Having been surrounded by stupidity for several hours while an exciting experiment on tobacco ash (243 identified types so far) was waiting for his attention was a justified reason for

an angry sulk according to Sherlock. Stupid Mycroft.

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