100 Women: Halloweentown Anthology
100 Women: Halloweentown Anthology sally/jack skellington stories

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100 Women: Halloweentown Anthology

She twisted on the steel table, rolling from her back onto her stomach. The doctor gritted his teeth.

, he thought, but it was too late now.

“Sally?” he said. “Hello there, Sally.”

Her eyes were enormous and bright, and she turned her head from side to side as the sight of the laboratory walls poured into her.

She scrambled against the table-top, breaking two of her fingernails. The doctor pulled a sharp breath into his mouth, and that short hiss of air drew her attention.

She turned to him, struggling to her knees. Initially, the doctor had been pleased with her height, however she now struck him as enormous and unwieldy.

She would be difficult to control, at least physically.

“Sally.” he said again. She smiled, and reached toward him with a delicate hand, before falling from the table.

She landed with a thud on the laboratory floor, eyes twitching with fear and surprise. The doctor flinched, his creaking wheelchair rolling backwards. She was no better than a small child.

Quiet fell over the room. Sally twisted the hem of her makeshift dress. Her knees pressed to one another, while her lower legs swung out to either side.

She looked up with uncertainty at the scowling figure beside her.

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