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rating: Explicit.

timeline: PWP of sorts for IchigoxTsubasa, setting in an TRC-verse AU.

The idea for this one came from a RP ask starter. I took the sentence and ran with it, and this was the final result.

- it was more of a request than a challenge, though Ichigo knew by the way she looked at him – lost, flustered, breathing heavily from their makeout,

and a blushing mess – that accomplishing it wouldn't be so easy.

Tsubasa undressed herself then, still confused, but she did so willingly.

She was getting used to being naked in front of him like this, though. Even if wasn't much of an embarrassment before, the trust between them was overcoming these obstacles quite quickly.

She sat on the bed, spreading her legs wide open; Then slipped her right hand over her body, searching its way down between her folds.

Tsubasa glanced at him one last time before closing her eyes, hotness spreading over her cheeks as she felt herself; She slid one finger at first, then two,

trying to mimic Ichigo's own movements when he was the one to do the job.

Surely it didn't feel nothing like how he did at first: she was used to his touch, to long and thick fingers against her skin, sliding all over her labia, slowly.

Then he would gently press her clit as he felt her wetness starting to coat his fingers.

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