07-Ghost: (ReWrite) Forsaken Qualms
07-Ghost: (ReWrite) Forsaken Qualms original male character(s) stories

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07-Ghost: (ReWrite) Forsaken Qualms

You were walking through the hallways of your home. It was cold. Piercing indeed, yet the coldness of the night could not douse the determination reflected in your eyes.

The sentiment shared with the lengthy green life gyrating by your person. Anxiety however remains.

You reached to a conclusion as indecisions ever growing gnaw at you. Conflicted and opposed to your ingrained belief withhold since the… incident.

The need to confront this, express your discomfort, overweights the fear of losing respect. Losing face. Because of that high regard however you feel no other options.

It - whatever

is - will not last.

Upon entry, the frosty sensation endured by your body slowly thaws. You see a man attending his affairs for the night. He appears to be surprised of your sudden advent.

Expected not your forthcoming. But let there be no mistake of his warmth when he welcomed you cordially inside. Your father very much was fond of his children.

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