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00QAD!Family - Tumblr drabbles

“I’m home,” Q called from the hallway as he set down his messenger bag and bent to take off his shoes. When he straightened up he saw Alex standing there.

“Hi,” Alex said softly. Q smiled and, after hanging his coat gave the boy a hug.

“Hello there, where’s Danny and Papa?” Q asked, taking Alex’s hand.

“Sitting room,” Alex said succinctly and leading the way down the hall.

Alex dropped Q’s hand when they entered the sitting room and wandered back over to where his tablet, with the maths app Q had made for him, was on the sofa.

Danny was standing at the play kitchen pretending to cook. James, it appeared, was his customer. Neither had noticed Q’s arrival home.

“Vodka martini, shaken not stirred.” James said to Danny who was stirring a pretend something in the plastic pot.

Danny looked up at James, a flicker of incomprehension crossed his features before he frowned.

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